Synchronized Skating.

N-ice Blades Synchronized Skating Teams

  • Fall/Winter 2023-2024

    Youth & Adult options available

    The teams practice at the Meridian Community Centre, Pelham, ON.

    Please email for details.

Synchronized Skating is a team of skaters performing as one, interpreting the music using intricate skating elements, speed and footwork.

As a team, skaters train on and off the ice to prepare for gala’s, performances and competitions.

Synchro was developed in 1956 and called precision skating. Over the years, the precise formations have evolved and not include jumps, spins and lifts.

The judging format is similar to those used for singles, pairs and ice dancing. Judging is based on skating skills, transitions between maneuvers, performance, interpretation of the music and the difficulty of the elements performed.

Niagara Centre Skating Club is home to a growing Synchronized Skating program called N-ice Blades Synchronized Skating Team.

The program offers options for Youth & Adult level skaters.

N-ice Blades goal is to help rebuild synchro in the Niagara Region and and have fun while doing it!

Skaters on our Youth team receive:

  • on-ice practice 2 days per week
  • at least 1 competition per season
  • team events
  • 1 off-ice training session per week (closer to competition dates)
  • practice & travel outfit

Please contact for more information.