Safety Policies.

A properly fitted CSA-approved hockey helmet is mandatory for all PreCanSkate & Parent (skaters and parents), CanSkate, CanSkate Power, StarGroup.

Helmets worn during StarElite & StarSkate are at the discretion of the Coach. Skaters must have passed a set level of skills to remove their helmet. Coaches will inform parents when skaters have passed the skills and the helmet becomes optional.

NCSC coaches and board members have the right to refuse entry to participants who do not follow this policy.

NCSC coaches also have the right to allow participants to try a Skate Canada test (when ice time permits) which upon passing would allow the skater/parent to participate in on-ice activities without wearing a helmet. Fees may apply.

Can I sign a waiver absolving the club from any liability, so myself or my child can skate without a helmet?

No. The requirement to wear a CSA approved helmet is a Skate Canada Policy and all clubs and members must abide by our policies. Coaches and Board members have the right to refuse entry to the ice, if you do not have the proper equipment.

During Ice Shows can my skater skate without a helmet?

If your skater or yourself are required to wear a helmet during lessons, then they must also wear a helmet during any ice show.

Concussion Code of Conduct for all Athletes (Parents/Guardians must sign for athletes under under 18 years of age)

I will help prevent concussions by:

  • Wearing the proper equipment for my sport and wearing it correctly.
  • Developing my skills and strength so that I can participate to the best of my ability.
  • Respecting the rules of my sport or activity.
  • My commitment to fair play and respect for all* (respecting other athletes, coaches, team trainers and officials).

I will care for my health and safety by taking concussions seriously, and I understand that:

  • A concussion is a brain injury that can have both short- and long-term effects.
  • A blow to my head, face or neck, or a blow to the body that causes the brain to move around inside the skull may cause a concussion.
  • I don’t need to lose consciousness to have had a concussion.
  • I have a commitment to concussion recognition and reporting, including self-reporting of possible concussion and reporting to a designated person when and individual suspects that another individual may have sustained a concussion.* (Meaning: If I think I might have a concussion I should stop participating in further training, practice or competition immediately, or tell an adult if I think another athlete has a concussion).
  • Continuing to participate in further training, practice or competition with a possible concussion increases my risk of more severe, longer lasting symptoms, and increases my risk of other injuries.

I will not hide concussion symptoms. I will speak up for myself and others.

  • I will not hide my symptoms. I will tell a coach, official, team trainer, parent or another adult I trust if I experience any symptoms of concussion.
  • If someone else tells me about concussion symptoms, or I see signs they might have a concussion, I will tell a coach, official, team trainer, parent or another adult I trust so they can help.
  • I understand that if I have a suspected concussion, I will be removed from sport and that I will not be able to return to training, practice or competition until I undergo a medical assessment by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner and have been medically cleared to return to training, practice or competition.
  • I have a commitment to sharing any pertinent information regarding incidents of removal from sport with the athlete’s school and any other sport organization with which the athlete has registered* (Meaning: If I am diagnosed with a concussion, I understand that letting all of my other coaches and teachers know about my injury will help them support me while I recover.)

I will take the time I need to recover, because it is important for my health.

  • I understand my commitment to supporting the return-to-sport process* (I will have to follow my sport organization’s Return-to-Sport Protocol).
  • I understand I will have to be medically cleared by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner before returning to training, practice or competition.
  • I will respect my coaches, team trainers, parents, health-care professionals, and medical doctors and nurse practitioners, regarding my health and safety.


NOTE: Please read carefully. By signing this document, you will waive certain legal rights, including the
right to sue.

1. This is a binding legal agreement; therefore clarify any questions or concerns before signing. As an
Athlete participating in skating at Niagara Centre Skating Club (NCSC) including training (on-ice
and off-ice including harnessing, use of a spinner), personal training, competition training, conditioning
and skill building, events, competitions, and practices (collectively the “Activities”), the undersigned,
being the Athlete and the Parent/Guardian of the Athlete (collectively the “Parties”) acknowledge and
agree to the following terms:

2. The Organization and its trainers, instructors, agents, and representatives (collectively the
“Organization”) are not responsible for any injury, personal injury, damage, property damage, expense,
loss of income or loss of any kind suffered by a Athlete during, or as a result of, the Activities, caused by
the risks, dangers and hazards associated with the Activities.

3. Participating in any sport has a certain degree of risk. I understand and acknowledge that there are
risks and hazards inherent in the very nature of skating. The Athlete is participating voluntarily in the
Activities. In consideration of that participation, the Parties hereby acknowledge that they are aware of
the risks, dangers and hazards and may be exposed to such risks, dangers and hazards. The risks,
dangers and hazards include, but are not limited to, injuries from:
a) The hazards particular to the Activity(ies) in which I am participating;
b) Executing strenuous and demanding physical techniques;
c) Vigorous physical exertion, strenuous cardiovascular workouts and rapid movements;
d) Exerting and stretching various muscle groups;
e) Failure to properly use any piece of equipment or from the mechanical failure of any piece of
f) Contact, colliding, falling or being struck by other athletes or equipment; and
g) Spinal cord injuries which may render the Athlete permanently paralyzed.

4. Furthermore, the Parties are aware:
a) That injuries sustained can be severe;
b) That the Athlete may experience anxiety while challenging himself or herself during the activities,
c) That the Athlete may come into close contact with other athletes;
d) That the Athlete’s risk of injury is reduced if the Athlete follows all rules established for participation;
e) That the Athlete’s risk of injury increases as the Athlete becomes fatigued.
The organization has a code of conduct and has the right to hold all athletes to this standard. If a
athlete/parent/guardian violates the rules, regulations, directions or code of conduct, the athlete may
be asked to leave the activity. This will also result in a waiver of the right to a refund of any part of the

In consideration of the Organization allowing the Athlete to participate, the Parties agree: That the
Athlete’s physical condition has been verified by a medical doctor to participate; To freely accept and
fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards and possibility of personal injury, death, property
damage, expense and related loss, including loss of income, resulting from the Activities; To forever
release the Organization from any and all liability for any and all claims, demands, actions and costs
that might arise out of the Athlete’s participation in the Activities, or from any breach of contract.

1. The Parties acknowledge that they have read this agreement and understand it, that they have
executed this agreement voluntarily, and that this Agreement is to be binding upon themselves, their
heirs, executors, administrators and representatives.

  • Fall/Winter – must be 3 by July 1 of current year.
  • Winter – must be 3 by October 1 of current year.
  • Spring – must be 3 by January 1 of current year.
  • Summer – must be 3 by April 1 of current year.
  • PreCanSkate – ages 3 & 4 only. Canskate – ages 5+ or moving up from PreCanSkate. All other programs are skill based. Coaches will move skaters up to the next level when all skills have been achieved.

The safety of all NCSC skaters, coaches, volunteers and families is one of our top priorities. It is understood that if a skater is not able to actively participate in on-ice lessons and is causing a distraction or safety issue towards other skaters, coaches, volunteers, etc. A first warning will be issued and the skater will be asked to leave the ice. If this is a consistent issue, a second warning will consist of the skater being asked to exit the ice, and their registration being cancelled for the rest of the season. No refund will be offered.

General Policies.

The purpose of Skate Canada’s Code of Ethics is to outline the organization’s expectations and guiding principles for appropriate decision making and behaviour.
This code of ethics applies to all skaters, officials, coaches, employees, board members, volunteers, alumni, and hall of fame members of Skate Canada and its affiliate organizations. This code of ethics also applies to parents and guardians who participate in and observe related activities.

Code of Ethics
a. I will conduct myself in a manner that is of the highest standards, follows Skate Canada’s vision and mission, and is athlete-centred.
i. I will treat all people with respect, dignity, and sportsmanship.
ii. I will act on the belief that the athlete as a person is more important than their success or my success in the sport.
iii. I will conduct myself professionally during all interactions in and surrounding Skate Canada activities.
iv. I will use positive discipline that includes setting fair rules, listening, problem-solving, encouraging, and being a good example. I will not use harmful methods such as but not limited to hitting, name-calling, yelling, or
using insults, intimidation, or rejection.
v. I will disclose any conflict of interest and not allow myself to be influenced in a way that could conflict with the best interest of the organization or the organization’s reputation.
vi. I will not engage in behaviour that is intended to wrongfully manipulate the outcome of a competition or test.
vii. I will respect the coach/athlete relationship and will not solicit the athlete/s of another coach.
viii. I will never engage in any exploitative, abusive, or corrupt relationships. I will always act in a kind and judicious manner.
ix. I will support an inclusive sport for all, regardless of race, ancestry, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, marital status, family status, disability or any other ground of discrimination prohibited by human rights legislation.
x. I agree to follow the ISU’s Code of Ethics at all hosted and nonhosted ISU events.
xi. I agree to advocate and practice the principles of Safe Sport.
b. I will not participate in activities that are abusive or criminal. I will also not participate in activities that disrespect human rights or that risk the reputation of Skate Canada or Niagara Centre Skating Club.
i. I will adhere to all federal, provincial, municipal, and host country laws.
ii. I will notify Skate Canada and/or Niagara Centre Skating Club if I face any new related criminal charges, ongoing criminal investigations, convictions, or bail conditions.
iii. I will not use my power or authority in an attempt to coerce another person to engage in sexual activity or to participate in unethical and/or criminal activities.
iv. I will not in any way behave sexually with children or youth. This includes but is not limited to the use of sexual jokes, language, and/or names; participation in sexual touching and/or exploitation; the use of, reference
to, or participation in pornography.
v. I will not participate in any form of bullying, harassment, discrimination, physical or verbal abuse, neglect, intimidation, or exploitation.
vi. I will not use technology or social media to disrespect or exploit others.
vii. I will not abuse or exploit children or youth in any way and will immediately report to the appropriate authorities and Niagara Centre Skating Club (who will, in turn, notify Skate Canada ( if I see or suspect anyone else doing so.
viii. I will not possess, use, or promote the use of illegal substances or performance-enhancing drugs.
c. I will follow all of Skate Canada and Niagara Centre Skating Club’s bylaws, policies, and rules and commit to reading all amendments and updates at the time of registration and throughout the year.
d. I will not attempt to cover up or conceal any conduct of an individual that is, or may be, in breach of this Code and will report any violations.
e. I will fully cooperate with Skate Canada and Niagara Centre Skating Club’s investigations.
f. I understand that a violation of this Code on my part may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from Niagara Centre Skating Club and/or Skate Canada.

Bullying is extremely harmful and having severe, long-term consequences for many young people. Bullying has a negative impact on victims’ self-esteem, leading to a decrease in general well being, the ability to learn and thrive, as well as competitiveness. This impact can be long lasting, even after the victim is no longer subject to bullying. We can all agree that bullying affects healthy relationships, can impact the culture of the Niagara Centre Skating Club (NCSC) and is unwanted.

This Policy seeks to clarify the NCSC position on bullying and sets out the consequences of engaging in this prohibited behaviour. All skaters, parents, guardians, coaches, and managers are expected to be familiar with this Policy and to comply with its requirements. Any questions regarding this Policy should be directed to the Executive

Within NCSC, bullying is typically defined as any form of repetitive, persistent, aggressive behaviour directed at one or more individual(s) and is intended to cause, or should be known to cause, fear, distress, and/or harm to another person’s body, feelings, self-esteem, or reputation. Bullying can take the form of but is not limited to, physical violence (e.g. hitting or pushing), verbal abuse (e.g. name-calling, mockery, or making sexist or racist comments), spreading of rumours, maliciously excluding a person(s) from a group, as well as teasing, threatening, or humiliating a person(s). It can also occur through the use of technology, such as email, instant messaging, and social media.

Bullying will not be tolerated by any person, including adults, parents, coaches, and skaters, in any form within the NCSC. This includes on the ice, in the Arena, in the change rooms, in the rink lobby, in the boardrooms, office, and lounges, and at all club activities and competitions. Bullying will also not be tolerated in other circumstances (e.g. online or outside the rink) where there is a negative and visible impact on the person at the NCSC.

Any person subject to this policy and who is subjected to bullying should inform their parent(s)/guardian(s) and coach(es) and/or Executive Director immediately. A letter of complaint should also be sent to the President of the NCSC, Executive Director and Technical Director. Any person observing an incident of bullying should report the
matter to the President of the NCSC, Executive Director or Technical Director.

Any NCSC coach who witnesses a skater appearing to bully any other person at the NCSC is empowered to remove the skater from their session immediately and must report the incident to the Technical Director for subsequent investigation and action. Upon receiving a report of alleged bullying, the NCSC will undertake an investigation
appropriate in the circumstances.

Any person subject to this policy found to have bullied any other person at the NCSC may be asked to seek counselling or be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including having their NCSC membership permanently revoked. The following counselling or disciplinary actions will be administered by the Executive Director by recommendation of the Technical Director and/or Executive Director. Please note: At the Technical Director’s discretion, serious offences can be met with an immediate escalation of disciplinary actions, including the immediate revocation of membership.

Counselling – depending on the seriousness of the incident(s), the skater may be asked to seek professional counselling. The person will be reminded of appropriate conduct including a review of this Policy and will be cautioned that further incidents will be subject to disciplinary action.

First disciplinary response – any person in violation of this policy will be barred from attending their regularly scheduled skating programs and any Club events for a period of one (1) week. No refund or credit will be issued for this lost ice time. The person will also be required to meet with their parent(s), coach(es), the Technical Director and/or Executive Director (as applicable), at which point this Policy will be reviewed, and a caution will be given that any future incidents will result in further disciplinary action.

Second disciplinary response – any person in violation of this policy will be subject to further discipline at the discretion of the Executive Director, by recommendation of the Technical Director, including the immediate and permanent revocation of their NCSC membership. Please note that any revocation of membership will be subject to
approval from the KWSC Board of Directors. In the event that membership is not revoked, the disciplinary actions will not be any less severe than those for the second offence. No refund or credit will be issued for any lost time.

As with all other NCSC Club policies, all skaters, parents/guardians, coaches, the Executive Director, and Technical Director will be governed by this policy.

Payment Methods:

E-transfer –  after registration you will receive an email from the registrar with payment details.

Cash payments – can be made at the club office during skating hours. A handwritten receipt will be issued.

A skater is not considered registered for the season until their account is paid in full.

Group Skaters must be paid in full 2 weeks before the start of of the season. Any registrations within 2 weeks of the start of the season or after the start of the season are due in full upon receipt of payment email.

StarSkate skaters must be paid in full by November 30, 2023.

All programs offered by NCSC and its affiliates are on a first come, first serve basis. NCSC reserves the right to limit spots available for each session and to move skaters to sessions which are better suited for their skating abilities.

Payments plans for StarSkate are available.

Funding is available through Pelham Cares, Kidsport & Jumpstart. Please contact them directly for details.

Cancellation Policy (all seasons)

If registration is cancelled by parent/guardian (must be in writing):

7 days (or more) before 1st session of season – Full refund of all fees currently paid minus $5 processing fee.

6 days (or less) before 1st session of season– refund of fees paid, minus administration fee ($75).

Day of 1st session up to week 3 of lessons – refund of fees paid, minus administration fee ($75) plus ice & coach fees for each week of lessons scheduled.

After week 3 of lessons – no refunds.

Public Health Measures: If programming is paused or cancelled due to public health measures, NCSC will work with each arena to determine the best course of action. If lessons can continue after the pause, no refunds will be offered. However, if a full season cannot be achieved, then NCSC will offer a refund based on cancellation/refund policy.

Refunds will be processed by cheque. You can pick up at the arena during lesson times or it can be mailed to you.

All refund are subject to Board approval and may include up to $75 administration fee plus ice & coach fees for each week of lessons scheduled.

Exceptions to the no refunds policy may be made for medical purposes only. You must email

Each skater who signs up for lessons will be registered with Skate Canada. A portion of your registration fee is paid directly to Skate Canada on behalf of each skater.

This Skate Canada registration is valid from September 1 through to August 31. This fee is 100% non-refundable.

Membership Benefits
Become part of the skating family and a national recognized association with a strong history and an outstanding national and international reputation.

  • Participation in the Member Accident insurance program as a reduced rate
  • Access to Skate Canada Programs and program incentive materials
  • Expertly developed and professional delivered Skate Canada Programs
  • The opportunity to participate in interclub and invitational competitions
  • Special member prices on merchandise from the on-line store
  • Receive the option to purchase selected Skate Canada event tickets prior to the general public or at a discounted prices for members
  • Opportunities to be recognized through a nationally standardized testing system for achieving specific figure skating skills

**Information from Skate Canada Website

Only registered skaters are allowed to enter the ice surface. Parents observing from the side of the rink must not enter the ice surface for any reason.

PreCan & Parent – only the parent who registered for the session can enter the ice surface to skate. If you wish to register another parent the cost to do so in $62. Please see a Board Member in the office or send an email.

If your child is unsure while on the ice a Program Assistant and/or Coach will make contact with them. If it is determined that your skater needs some extra encouragement from a parent, then your skater will be brought to you. But most times our Program Assistants and Coaches can help.

If you child has a fall while on the ice, a Program Assistant and/or Coach will make contact with them. Coaches are all First Aid certified. They will assess your skater and depending on the nature of the injury determine if the skater can continue or they will bring your child to you at the side of the ice rink.

Members are assigned to specific groups on the day for which they registered and cannot attend a class on another day unless they make a permanent move to that class (only possible if there are spaces available).

NCSC does not offer make up sessions.

Bond is per family (Siblings of the same household) – not individual skaters

Who is this for?

All StarElite & StarSkate skaters, registered as NCSC. If your home club is not NCSC, you are exempt. 1 bond per family.

Why is this mandatory?

NCSC is a not-for-profit skating club run by a small board of directors. We required the help of parents & skaters to run day to day programs and special events.

NCSC will work with you to find times and days to fit your schedule.

Opportunities will be posted on the office window and emailed. It is your responsibility to contact NCSC to volunteer.

How can I earn back my bond?

All families are responsible for 8 hours of volunteer time. Can be divided up throughout the season.

a) Playing music during StarSkate for the coaches.

b) Program Liaison – helping skaters find their dressing rooms, name tags and where to line up to go on the ice at the beginning of each Group session.

c) Program Assistant – once skaters have passed certain levels, they will be invited to become an on-ice Program Assistant. Here they will help new skaters, assist coaches and be a role model. They must commit to helping for the full season of groups.

d) Fundraising – volunteer opportunities will be announced when fundraising is confirmed.

e) Christmas Showcase – details to come with volunteer opportunities.

f) Gala – details and volunteer opportunities to follow.

What happens if NCSC doesn’t provide enough volunteer opportunities, or there is a shutdown?

If a full season of skating can not be offered, or we are not able to hold events; your volunteer bond will be handed back to you at the end of the season.

What happens if I don’t finish all my hours by March 2024?

It is your responsibility to contact NCSC to fulfil your hours. If you have not contacted us, or fail to attend the days you booked, we will keep your bond.

What happens if I don’t pay the volunteer bond?

Your skater(s) will not be allowed to participate in any lessons until this bond is received.

Is this something new?

No, NCSC has always had a volunteer bond. . This is common practice in all skating clubs across Canada.

We are very optimistic that we will be able to run a full season and all events, providing our members with many opportunities to earn back their bond.

Skaters moving up mid-season are also required to pay the volunteer bond.

If the arena is open, our programs are running.

The fastest way for NCSC to inform skaters of weather or emergency cancellations is through our Niagara Centre Skating Club Facebook page. Weather and emergency cancellations are posted on the Facebook page for the Town of Pelham and City of Welland. Emails to families will be a secondary source to get information to our membership.

We ask you use your best discretion when deciding to drive during inclement weather.

Schedule Changes: Niagara Centre Skating Club reserves the right to change times, days or cancel sessions due to enrollment numbers, contractual obligations with the Town or Pelham or City of Welland, Health & Safety protocols, weather or due to unforeseen circumstances. There will be no refunds for any missed sessions. Make-up sessions will not be offered. Skaters cannot switch from registered days to make-up for a missed session.

There will be NO SKATING on STAT holidays.

Our Volunteers do their best to get the most up-to-date information to all our skaters. We recommend joining our Facebook page, and referencing our website several times throughout the season to see if there have been any updates or changes.

PreCanSkate & Parent or PreCanSkate

  • Ages 3 & 4
  • Skating Ability: none or very little.


  • Ages 5+
  • Skating Ability: none, very little or moving up from PreCanSkate.

CanSkate Power

  • Ages 5+
  • Skating Ability: must be able to skate forward, backward and stop.

StarGroup (Figure Skating)

  • Age: based on skill level
  • Skating Ability: Must have passed stage 3 CanSkate.

StarElite (Figure Skating)

  • Age: based on skill level
  • Skating Ability: Must have passed stage 6 Canskate.

StarSkate (Figure Skating)

  • Age: based on skill level
  • Skating Ability: Must be invited by a coach. Coaches monitor skaters skills and progress. Parents will be approached when their skater is ready for this level.

NCSC is not able to hold spots in any program. All programs are first come, first serve.

Registration dates are posted in advance.

Nametags are collected at the end of each session. Please check the designated name tag area. All group skaters must be wearing a nametag to enter the ice for lessons. If your skaters name tag is missing, please go to the office. With multiple sessions on the same day, sometimes a tag will be placed onto the wrong session. The nametag will be located or replaced for your skater.

Parent’s on PreCan & Parent will also be required to wear a nametag on the ice.

  • Fall/Winter – must be 3 by July 1 of current year.
  • Winter – must be 3 by October 1 of current year.
  • Spring – must be 3 by January 1 of current year.
  • Summer – must be 3 by April 1 of current year.
  • PreCanSkate – ages 3 & 4 only. Canskate – ages 5+ or moving up from PreCanSkate. All other programs are skill based. Coaches will move skaters up to the next level when all skills have been achieved.

Niagara Centre Skating Club has a website, Facebook Page & Instagram.

The Niagara Centre Skating Club desires to use our skaters’ photographs, interviews and videos to promote their skating successes on our website, as well as through social media and Skate Canada.


  • I (parent or guardian) give permission to the NCSC to publish my skater’s name and/or photograph for the purpose of Club advertisement and promotion.
  • I (parent or guardian) am aware that these names and/or photographs may be used for club advertising purposes, on the club’s website or sent to the media.
  • I (parent or guardian) understand the nature and purpose of this consent.

As a courtesy, if you have chosen not to give your permission, the skater should excuse themselves when group photos are being taken.

NCSC does not allow unauthorized photography or videography of skaters without the consent of the skater or parent/guardian.