Skate Canada Programs are developed to guide skaters from beginner stages through to seasoned competitor and everything in-between.

All programs are taught by professional coaches certified through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and they are offered at member clubs and skating schools across the country.

Skate Canada programs are based on a long-term athlete development model (LTAD).

Skate Canada’s LTAD model is designed to assist coaches, parents, volunteers and administrators create an environment that allows skaters to fully develop and reach their potential in the sport, regardless of whether their goals are recreational or competitive in nature.

Hockey Stream:                                 

  1. PreCanSkate
  2. CanSkate
  3. CanSkate Power
  4. Hockey Team w/Power Skating lessons

Figure Skating Stream:

  1. PreCanSkate
  2. CanSkate
  3. StarGroup/Intro to Synchronized Skating
  4. StarElite/Synchronized Skating
  5. StarSkate